Wood, Christine

My story is in many ways unremarkable.
My faith journey has not been characterised by a radical, over-night transformation,
but by the daily faithfulness of a God who walks with me every day.

I grew up in a family who loved God, and accepted Jesus as my Saviour as a young child. All through my adult life I have been involved in ministry as opportunities have opened up for me.
I love the Church.
I love serving God through the ministry of the Church, and I have learned and grown so much in my faith by stepping out in obedience and bravely walking into all that God has called me to, step by step.

For many years, my primary ministry was raising my three beautiful children, but now that my children have grown, I have stepped into vocational ministry.
It is hard, but I love it, as I have the opportunity to see God at work in peoples’ lives every single day. One of the greatest challenges is balancing the expectations of people with my own personal capacity. I can get stressed and overwhelmed when I try and serve in my own strength rather than the provision of God. I constantly need to keep my motivation in check, ensuring that I am seeking to please God, and not looking for the approval of others.

Through all of the challenges of my life, God brings me back to one key lesson:
God does not value me for what I do, but for who I am.
He loved me before I was capable of doing anything to earn or deserve His love,
and He loves me the same way today.

I am the daughter of the King, and that is enough
No amount of productivity, acts of service, or list of accomplishments will earn any more of God’s love than I already have.
His love for me is not at all about me; it’s all about Him!
This truth is so precious to me,
and it gives me hope and strength to continue to walk with Jesus every day.

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