Gracefully Truthful

Read His Words Before Ours!

Lamentations 1-4
Psalm 119
Romans 3:21-26
Romans 6:15-23

Lamentations was written by Jeremiah, known as the “weeping prophet” who grieved deeply over the great loss his people, Israel, suffered. He gave words and voice to a pain so deep it was difficult to marry the “love of God” with the suffering they experienced.

But Jeremiah purposefully wrote his laments using the same acrostic King David used in Psalm 119 to poetically describe the greatest treasure known to mankind, God’s Precious Word.

By clinging to truth in the midst of pain, Jeremiah taught his own heart to return to the Lord, and he shepherded his people to come home to the heart of God. The home they had rejected by their grievous sinful rebellion, which was how they ended up losing everything and going into exile.

Sin always carries a cost.

But because the Lord is gracious and kind and compassionate, He took death for us and now holds out Life, despite our rebellion. 

This wide, warm welcome is open to all who come with truly repentant hearts broken over our sin against a holy God. 

He promises forgiveness. He promises His constant presence. 

He promises eternal hope. 

He promises unfailing love. 

He promises mercies, fresh every single morning. 

HE is our everyday hope for all 365 days still to come. 

As we begin a new year, we already know resolutions will fall by the way side soon. We know there will surely be days of rejoicing ahead, just as surely as there will be heartache. As we stand at the threshold of new, let’s stand together, wordless, before the Author of Life. 

Let’s allow His Words to be more than enough. 

Let’s allow His Words to be the ones we fill our ears with as our lips are humbled. 

Most reading plans for the new year are several chapters long; we’re inviting you to slow down, read richly, and meditate deeply on just a few verses a day. 

Our prayer is that these words from the Word made Flesh (Jesus!) will saturate our hearts in such a way over the next 21 days that they shape all 365 days still to come this year. 

May this be the year we commit to daily live out HisWordsBeforeOurs!

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