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Nancy Richards
Nancy Richards
5 years ago

I like to say God is jealous for us to receive HIS best and desires for us to have nothing less.

Rebecca Chartier
6 years ago

All I’ve been reacting with lately is anger. After a series of circumstances didn’t resolve themselves the way I wanted, and simple tasks (like commuting) take so much effort, I feel like there are barriers in my path. But God. Even when I’m ugly He is gracious. He still wants to hold my face in His hands, kiss my forehead, and tell me He loves me. To worship I must remember that my Abba has it all under control. Thank you for this reminder.

Rebecca Adams
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing this imagery, Rebecca!
I’m going to carry this with me.

6 years ago

So beautiful, Rebecca. I absolutely relate to that, and I love that you said, “Even when I’m ugly He is gracious.” No truer words.